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Digital Evolution, Sustainable Revolution
Witness the evolution of industry processes with our bespoke software solutions, crafted with care for both your business and the planet.
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Digital Evolution, Sustainable Revolution
We are a team of like minded tech enthusiasts inspired to build a digital world where every single record is in a digital platform instead of a conventional paper.
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Digital Evolution, Sustainable Revolution
We do not simply build software. We partner with you to transform your paper based processes into a digital workflow.
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A digital maintenance management system for process plants, modern buildings, commercial facilities and any other process that involves maintenance records. WRENS is capable of digitally recording and analyzing both preventative maintenance and breakdown records. The system maintains a log of alerts so that maintenance engineers can focus on problematic areas instead of wandering around the whole plant.


A digital interactive menu for restaurants and pubs


A digital access recording system initiated during the first hit of COVID 19 to track in and out movements of visitors to a building


Electrical installation condition reporting  software for testing and certifying entities. The system can accept visual inspections, readings and thermography images to automatically produce a comprehensive report

Warehouse & distribution channel management

A digital management system for tracking of goods from the warehouse throughout the distribution channel.
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A chartered electrical engineer, certified management accountant and a tech enthusiast. Holds bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from university of moratuwa and masters in financial economics from university of Colombo. A member of Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka, Institute for Engineering Technology UK, Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers USA and institute for certified management accountants Sri Lanka. An active volunteer in IEEE Young Professionals. Addicted to music.
Pasan Pethiyagode (Co-founder)
~World is a puzzle, fix it your own way~
A software engineer with over a decade of experience in various domains including middleware, sales and security. A Free and Open Source Software advocate and an active contributor. Holds bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Moratuwa. A member of Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka. Fueled by music, cycles for fun.
Kalpa Welivitigoda (Co-founder)
~ Empowering tomorrow, one line of code at a time ~

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